November 2013 Armistice Day Match

I took my US Model of 1917 out for the November “Armistice Day match.” While not “official” the November match usually falls around Armistice Day so folks bring WWI rifles to this match.

It was an unseasonably nice for shooting, in the 60s, sunny and calm. Historically I’ve had trouble with this rifle, extraction isssues, trouble working the bolt and finding a good cheek weld. Other then have a little trouble with my position in slow prone, I had none of the problems I’ve had in the past with this rifle and I am happy with my score (80%). No misses in off hand, which made me happy, I’ve been dry fire practicing, working on keeping my support elbow a little tighter, and breaking the shot at the bottom of my breath. Which seems to have paid off.

I have found a good rhythm with my data book, which if nothing else helps me slow down and think about each shot.

Since earlier this season my scores have increased with the AR and garand I was happy that this has translated to the bolt gun, despite my lack of practice with it. Just one more match for the season coming up in December then a couple months of cold PA winter and practice.