2018 CMP Eastern Cup: KTS Redemption

After the June 2017 KTS/EIC  fiasco at Camp Perry I swore i’d never shoot on KTS targets again. At the Western Creedmoor cup Denis announced Creedmoor was giving up the cup and CMP would be taking over both eastern and western cups and using KTS targets. So after arguing with myself for awhile I decided to give the CMP KTS targets another shot. (Pun intended).

The KTS targets worked great and CMP worked hard to put on what turned out to be one of the best matches I’ve ever attended. CMP operated like a well oiled match running machine. They had representatives from KTS Norway there to work out any of the technical issues.

From what I heard, and trust me I asked around, the targets worked great. I challenged a shot and so did one of the shooters on my firing point. Since there were 3 relays challenges were a straight forward case. They just pulled the target insert and compared what the computer said to the holes in the target. We both lost our challenges.

I have renewed faith in KTS targets and CMP for that matter. It was clear at these matches that CMP had heard us and was doing everything they could to make this system work.

As far as my shooting. Well it was a bit of a train wreck, but my shooting buddy found some leg points!