Excuse Library

  1. Bad ammo.
  2. Someone must have cross fired.
  3. Wallet in wrong pocket for sitting position.
  4. Line officer telling distracting stories during slow fire.
  5. Brass in butt crack.
  6. Too much sun.
  7. Too dark.
  8. Neighbors playing loud music.
  9. Firing position wrong number.
  10. Wrong boots.
  11. Had to poo.
  12. No bolt pressure compensator.
  13. Tornado watch.
  14. Keys in pocket during prone.
  15. Junky Nightforce.
  16. Gun too clean.
  17. Shooting coat too big.
  18. Wrong twist direction for northern hemisphere.
  19. The other left
  20. Constipation, couldn’t get into sitting position.
  21. Target puller moved target.
  22. Loose gas cap.
  23. Hit a seagull.
  24. Deepthroat.
  25. Bullet sideways.
  26. Truck not inspected
  27. Blind AF
  28. The middle of the target moved.
  29. Wardrobe malfunction.
  30. Barrel shot out, dropped 2 points at 600.
  31. Forgot Sweat towel.
  32. Prosthetic leg fell off.
  33. Fire ants.
  34. Rail fell off .
  35. Clenching jaw in cold changed npa.
  36. Rifle blew up (it got better)
  37. Clear rear scope disk slightly loose.
  38. Bad batch of bullets.
  39. Right leg shorter than left.
  40. Firing pin to sharp
  41. SR target at 600
  42. Ammo too long
  43. Intimidated by Marty
  44. White knights.
  45. Oil company took notice.
  46. Scope needs kroil
  47. Fog cleared
  48. That’s how I do it bro
  49. Marines stole all the points
  50. KTS Targets used
  51. 1/2 inch accuracy
  52. Stupid web sling fell off
  53. Gungranny
  54. I rarely shoot less than an 8 so something must be wrong
  55. Slightly brushed rifle with boonie hat
  56. Canadian Gnats
  57. Gangsta rap made me do it
  58. Mayflies shifted NPA
  59. Contacts fell out
  60. Nightforce cap again.
  61. Erection changed NPA
  62. The wind stopped
  63. Ammo got wet
  64. Too much grass on range
  65. Shooting stars in the RAZ
  66. Freedom got an AK
  67. 90-9x
  68. Front sight backwards.
  69. Sling broke in mid string. 
  70. Which way is up?
  71. Wrong brand of dip.
  72. Side boob
  73. Range failed bigot inspection.
  74. Thanks for the unsolicited advice.
  75. Several loose screws.
  76. Fred’s ammo.
  77. Finchs ammo and Jeff’s wind calls caused pocket shots.
  78. Coach said favor 2:00 instructions unclear shot 2:00 six.
  79. Forgot to eliminate variation of sucking.
  80. Sling dangled in wind caused 22 pound service rifle to move around wildly.
  81. Killed a ferret.
  82. Not enough NPA on the firing line.
  83. Air Force training did not prepare shooter for roller coaster.
  84. Target is just a holagram.
  85. Should have had that 6 WTF
  86. The king of the gooobers lost control of his people.
  87. Hotboxed in a Sherman.
  89. Match started 30 mins too late, had to go buy a 24″ barrel.
  90. CMP rules unclear on how many rounds are required in 10 round string .
  91. Messy creampie.
  92. Shuttle doesn’t provide express service to my firing point.
  93. The embassy was occupied by the PA milita.
  94. Idiot dragging mat through parking lot.
  95. Personally victimized by the Finch
  96. Not allowed to use spotting scope for some reason.
  97. I’m the coach not the score keeper, I’m not counting shit.
  98. Late check out
  99. Ear plug seal
  100. Marriottsville Masters.
  101. Scorekeeper wasn ‘t wearing safety glasses.
  102. Crocs stank up hut
  103. Cut it off
  104. No longer surprised by surprise break
  105. Wrong brake
  106. Excuse library not categorized by stage of fire.