Excuse Library

  1. Bad ammo.
  2. Someone must have cross fired.
  3. Wallet in wrong pocket for sitting position.
  4. Line officer telling distracting stories during slow fire.
  5. Brass in butt crack.
  6. Too much sun.
  7. Too dark.
  8. Neighbors playing loud music.
  9. Firing position wrong number.
  10. Wrong boots.
  11. Had to poo.
  12. No bolt pressure compensator.
  13. Tornado watch.
  14. Keys in pocket during prone.
  15. Junky Nightforce.
  16. Gun too clean.
  17. Shooting coat too big.
  18. Wrong twist direction for northern hemisphere.
  19. The other left 
  20. Constipation, couldn’t get into sitting position.