Model of 1917 Extraction Problems Resolved!

I was able to successfully fix the ejection problems my M1917 was having with a flex hone, I posted about it here

While my initial “less than a minute” wasn’t enough, I honed it again for longer maybe 3 minutes in and out slowly (that’s what she said?) After I was done the shoulders were “white” so there was probably a lot of build up from years of shooting blanks.

HXP ejected like butter, some of my reloads still needed some extra force but that could be related to me poorly sizing the brass, mentioned back in may

I may touch it up just a bit more but I am excited that I finally found a solution!

I forgot to take a picture of my 1917 so instead here is one of my Winchester Grenadier while being test fired for the first time. (worked pretty well, 4 MOE, for an ME=3 rifle)