CMP International Harvester Service Grade Range Report

I was lucky enough to get a IHC from CMP back in June. Here is a quick range report, it shoots pretty dispite its Muzzle and Throat erosion numbers, how loose the gas tube is, and the jerk behind the trigger. I’m very happy with it. Plus now I┬ácan take this picture of all 4 manufactures of the M1 Garand 10431530_734765289906669_8652228661072381725_n[1]

CMP HRA Service Grade Range Report

Back in February I ordered (ie panic bought) a HRA service grade from CMP. About 90 days later it showed up at my door.


I asked for a “good shooter regardless of wood or appearance” they must not have read it because not only did it have great numbers, ME=1 TE=2, it also was sporting a very nice USGI stock!


It was very greasy so I took it apart and cleaned it up. I stripped the stock down, steamed out the dents, gave it 2 coats of raw linseed, and 2 coats of toms one third.

After stripping and steaming.


After two coats of raw linseed oil and two coats of Tom’s One third.


I re-crowned the barrel as it was nicked a bit. See how here:

And peened the trigger guard.

After all of that I took it to the range. It performed well however, it required 19 clicks for a 100 yard 0 with a 6:00 hold. I took it out again with the lead sled just to make sure it wasn’t my goofy trigger jerking.


If only I could shoot this well during the match.