Worlds Finest Trimmer Review

I have been using a RCBS trimpro for some time with decent results however I was looking for something faster and perhaps more accurate. I’ve been looking at The “worlds finest trimmer” (WFT) from little crow gunworks since Creedmoor started selling them. I like that it indexes on the shoulder this seems to make more sense.


I really like the idea of this trimmer. It’s design is very clever. It’s basically a drill bit with an assembly around it that holds a ball bearing that holds the shoulders of the case.

I’ve had some mixed results with it. On the plus side it is very fast and once it is set it keeps the brass within .01.

However it is not fun to set. I had a lot of trouble using the recommended method of inserting a case that is the proper size and adjusting the bit to touch the case mouth. In this case the trimmer seems to take around .03 more from the case. Some trial and error I was able to get it where I wanted it and I sure wont be changing it anytime soon .

Overall I would recommend this trimmer for at least casual or bulk reviewers. I am going to keep it to use for larger batches of reloads for the Garand however I’ve since picked up a Wilson trimmer which I prefer to this one.