RCBS Chargemaster Straw Modification

My RCBS was having trouble throwing loads about .2 too much. The Internet suggested a piece of McDonalds straw will help the powder flow more evenly.

Well It turns out the Internet is right. I tried some of the straws I had in my bar but they were too small. So I took a little road trip to my local McDonalds and acquired a few straws and some weird looks for walking in taking straws and leaving.

I cut a couple of inches of straw, emptied the powder, and suck it in the front of the dispenser. There is really nothing else to it. This did the trick and significantly decreased the overages.

Step one: cut straw


Step two: enjoy increased accurate loads


For what it is worth don’t let this stop you from getting a chargemaster they are great tools I can’t imaging reloading without one.