Spending some quality time at the range

As mentioned in the last post my Model 1917 and I haven’t been getting along very well. To try and repair our relationship, I got up early and went out to the range with the 1917, a big box of HXP, and some SR-1s to do a little couples counseling.


80 rounds later I think we have a better understanding. I stuck to prone and did several timed rapid strings which have been a problem for me.

It looks like a big part of my problem was simply having the elevation set too low. A couple clicks up to the 300 yard mark did the trick. I do seem to have a windage issue as you can see many of the shots are trending to the left. For now I am going to hold off with just a bit of black to the left of the front sight.



I also feel better about working the bolt. I have been having trouble with the rear sight folding back and coming dangerously close to having the battle sight crushed by the bolt. I’m trying to get in the habit of watching my “workspace” and the rear sight while I work the bolt. Its hard to “feel”
When this is about to happen due to the force needed to close the cock on closing action .


Sore shoulder aside It was a good day at the range hopefully it will translate to better performance in the next match.