M15 Grenade Launcher Sight

In an ongoing effort to restore my rack grade Winchester that I’ve nicknamed my “Winchester Grenadier” I picked up a M15 Grenade Launcher sight and disk.

I installed the sight disk after repairing the holes one of which was a ripped up a bit.


The “Sight, Grenade Launcher, M15” is a simple stamped contraption used to aim grenades fired from a M7 Gernade Laucher suck on the end of a Garand.

Seen here with an M7 launcher and an M31 inert practice grenade (not explosive no one panic)


The top of the M15 sight. Note the level and the front sight post on the left and the rear peep sight on the right.


The bottom of the M15 is marked PRL which per Bill Ricca’s site means it was made by Pressure Lube Inc in NYC between March 44 and March 45.


Since the holes in my Winchesters stock have seen better days I modified the tabs on the M15 sight by filing down the tabs a bit so that it doesn’t require as much torque to rotate the sight on the disk. The file on my Leatherman Wave fit nicely between the tab and the body.