Glock 40: First Look at a G40 10mm Long Slide

To the annoyance of every gun counter guy between Northern Ohio and Southern Florida I’ve asked “do you have that new 10mm long slide” at every gun shop I’ve stopped in since the G40 was announced.

Well, I finally found one at a nice little shop in coastal North Carolina,the Gun Shack OBX  In a few days I’ll take her to the range for a full report. In the meantime, here are some pictures I grabbed before it was packed up and shipped to my FFL.

It’s a little larger than I had anticipated (that’s what she said) I was expecting something closer to a G34. I have a surefire X300 ultra waiting for a host gun this one should do just fine. I’ve ordered a Cuda from Simply Rugged, I have one of their holsters for my S&W 29 which I like very much. I’m hoping Raven concealment will make a light compatible holster for the G40 in the not too distant future.

Some gun shop pictures before it was shipped off:


Will this take the place of my 4″ S&W 29 as my favorite “woods gun?” I suppose time will tell how lucky I feel.