Magpul M3 Sand PMAGs: Beach Tactics Testing

NOTE: Tactical words bolded for high speed low drag reading.

On a recent surf fishing trip, I brought along one of Magpul’s new sand color PMAGs. I ran this peice of kit through rigorous high speed low drag trials to see if it is up to the tactical demands of a surf fishing operator.Initial testing indicates that these PMAGs are less noticeable on the sand than black PMAGs 40s. 

Scientific trials were conducted by placing a black PMAG 40 and a Sand PMAG 30 near the edge of the surf where beachgoers were likely to walk. 

Observations indicated that subjects (n=1) were 100% more likely to trip over the sand colored Pmag. Therefore it is assumed that sand colored PMAG are 100% less visible in a beach environment. 

Subject was interviewed after the experiment and was quoted as saying “I hope you got that because I’m not doing it again” 
Where did my AR pistol go?

Oh there it is.