Going to Camp Perry? Planning to Concealed Carry in OH? Not with an AZ Non-Resident permit

First off, just to be clear: You can not concealed carry at Camp Perry or the CMP store.

The folks at handgunlaw.us have recently uncovered that as the reciprocity agreement is written OH does not recognize AZ non-resident permits, even if that was the intention.

I was in the process of getting an AZ concealed carry permit so my Glock 19 could come with my to Ohio. It turns out that I will need to apply for a different permit or hope they work of their differences soon.

As you can see the agreement states “residents of the state.” Read the whole document here.

Hopefully this is cleared up soon. You can check this document for updates on Ohio’s reciprocity.

Here is a random picture of my constant companions… My Gen 3 Glock 19 riding in a crossbreed supertuck, and my Tactical Bernese Mountain Dog

He’s not coming to Camp Perry either