York Rifleman Fall 2015 Garand Match

I packed up a couple garands and headed across the Susquehanna for my 7th trip to York Riflemen for their fall garand match.

A Nor’easter smacking into hurricane made the weather rainy and cold. ┬áTurn out was a little light but the York crew worked hard to put on a good match.

I put up some soggy prone scores then the bottom fell out of the pie when I got to off hand. When I got home I discovered my rear sight was not tight. I corrected that when I got home.

We brought some new shooters with us, one of them shot a borrowed 1917 and ended up doing well with it.

York is one of my favorite places to shoot, I will be back in April for sure!


Fall Match at York Rifleman

I took a trip back to York Rifleman for their fall Garand Match. They shoot a full 200 yard match with pits. It’s a very well run match, I very much enjoy shooting with these folks.

The weather was perfect for shooting even if it was a little warm for October (high of 86) otherwise a light wind from behind and sunny.

I worked the pits first as I have for the past few matches with pits.


I’m ashamed to confess I pulled one too soon in my haste to provide speedy service. Lucky for us our shooter didn’t fire while we pulled and we got it right back up. It’s important to wait for a call if you can’t see the shot.

I shot first after the pit change.


I felt great in slow prone and did fairly well 92/2x I did OK in rapid prone 74 I jerked to the right a little. But oh boy did I screw up in rapid pone, misses and 6s all over the place.

My scorer suggested I work on shooting at my natural respiratory pause with dry fire. This was good advice. I’ve stuck some white pasters with black dots around my office and I’ll work on my natural pause. I’m in decent shape for the prone stages and my Winchester is performing well. All and all this isn’t a bad place to be.


York shoots a spring match I’ll be back for sure. Except for Camp Perry this is my favorite match to shoot.