Running to Camp Perry!

  I hate when bloggers start post with “sorry it’s been awhile”mostly because I’m snobby. I am, however, behind on  posting but It’s because I’ve been busy shooting!

After I got back from Talladega I was determined to dial it up a bit and shot as many full course matches as I could!

First weekend back I went to Wilkes Barre to shoot a reduced 200 yard National Match walk and paste. After posting some not so hot scores at Talladega I turned around and posted my personal best at this match!

The next weekend I drove down to Cumberland Maryland to shoot a full course NRA 800 agg. I kept the streak going and shot my first master level score across the course! Just one point less than my high at York the month before! 

The next weekend I had two days of reduced course matches at Kimberton and York. Well that kill my steak, bleading points allmost every stage. 

Went back to the lab a bit shot on my scatt a little and practice with my m44 training rifle. Then hauled back to Ft Hill looking for some redemption. Well, it wasn’t a great day in the hollar. I let a mistake in rapid prone get in my head which cost me in the end. 

I hit the range after work this week and applied some new things I’ve picked up along the way this month and I feel optimistic I can kick the slump. 

Just 2 more weekends before the National Matches! I’m focusing on service rifle this year, my poor Garand has only fired once this month! I’m not going to let up yet. I’m packing the next couple weekends with an 800 agg, a 3×600 and a EIC at New Holland!

Movin’ on up: Matches at New Holland, Kimberton and York

In the run up to the CMP eastern games I shot a series of matches over two weekends.

First the season opener NRA 800 Agg at New Holland.

With the exception of a saved round in sitting due to a round that turned out to have some moisture in it, this turned out to be a great match for me. I shot slightly better than my average which should have been enough to earn an expert card!

Kimberton NRA and Garand Matches.

Back at my home club for the first NRA service rifle match of the year. This was my first match at this club with my new 2016 service rifle. It is a reduced course 100 yard 600 agg on a dark range which really gives the scope an advantage as it’s easier to see. I posted my first master scores and I was most proud of a pair of 99s I posted in slow prone on that tricky MR-31 target.

York Rifleman Spring Garand Match and 500 agg. 

Despite all the travel games I’ve been to York Rifleman’s Garand matches are some of my favorite.

I have been to every garand match at York since 2012 and I’m happy to report I finally made the medal cut. It was a close one due to a bad LC round (At least that’s my excuse) but it felt good to break the York curse!


Pre-Season Practice Match at New Holland: New Personal Best 

New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club runs a series of monthly matches they call “shoot and scoot” in the off-season. Work had caused me to miss the first couple and the February match was moved inside due to single digit temperatures. But I finally made it out to the last one this weekend.

It was a beautiful March day sunny and in the 50s.

We shot a reduced “SAFS course of fire” which is 10 rounds each stage, slow prone rapid prone, rapid sitting, off-hand. I brought the new Optics equipped A4 service rifle to give it a full work out.

I wasn’t super happy with my rapid prone or my off-hand, but when I got home and did the math, I beat my personal best by 3% which is a statistically  significant difference  from my scores last year. Of course there are a lot of things at play here so it’s not good science to say the rifle is the cause. I have been working with my SCATT trainer in the off-season and i have never shot a reduced match at this range. The lighting and conditions here are just perfect which contributed to a good score.

A little story about off-hand, My first 3 shots were in the white, a pair of 8s and a shameful 7. I took a little break, told my self to put them all in the center of the target shuffled my NPA and then some how didn’t leave the black again. Sometimes all it takes is reminding yourself to shoot the middle of the target.