SMT Solo Electronic Target: 21st century practice

I ordered a Silver Mountain Targets SOLO Target in June of 2018 and I haven’t broken it…. anyone who knows me knows that is amazing alone (I once broke a 50 lbs bench vise) mine was from the first pre-order  batch in May. It shipped out as soon as it was in stock within a week of my order. I’ve ordered some mounts and accessories since then that all shipped same day.

I really really like this thing. I bought it mostly to practice 600. I’m a member at New Holland Rifle And Pistol and live just 20 minutes away. However, it was a struggle to get any useful practice at 600, or 300 for that matter as it involved driving down range, scratching my head and trying to guess if it was me or the wind or something.

Of course it makes 600 practice more useful, and even fun, it also turns out to be useful for short range practice. This has turned into a real practice time saver which helps me get more trigger time. I can quickly burn through 100 rounds practicing each stage of fire at 100 yards. No more going down range between stages, or guessing where the shots I can’t see with my Kowa went. I can shoot off hand, reset the target, drop into sitting, Reset the target, drop into rapid prone and so on.

I ended up with 2 target frames, one for short line that I hang from the club targets, and the second is a full 6×6 I keep in the pits for 600. I have the calibration for both written in my data book so its easy to switch between them. A frame just needs calibrated once, after that as long as the target is in the middle it will work for anything.

I’ve tested in in the rain, in rapid fire and side by side with other solos and haven’t had any issues.

The SOLO has 8 Mics in 4 towers. I have inadvertently tested it with one sensor (2 mics) unplugged and 1 mic off line (I didn’t plug the cable in all the way) while the target gave a warning, but, in both cases it still accurately found the shot. It will be more accurate if the target is plumb, again by accident I tested it with the target leaning forward significantly but even then it was only off 1/4 inch only the two 8s I managed to shoot at 600. Presumably a non issue if used for a match as the target would be plumb not haphazardly set up like mine was.

Anyway I  wholeheartedly endorse the solo for practice from 100 to 600 yards. I think it could be used as is for smaller matches, something i didn’t think I would ever say of an open system, as I’ve become a bit of a HEX fanboy after using them at Bridgeville.

I went with the SMT SOLO over the home based business alternatives, largely because SMT has been around for awhile, some day I will shoot a mic or need replacement parts.

There are some other little things I like, that it gives me FPS, so I can’t blame the load, Cat 5e Ethernet cables for the sensors make it easy to build multiple frames with pre-installed cables, cheap mounts, and good wifi that reaches to 600 with no issue. As a nerd I like that it has both the simple to use solo interface and the full G2 software as well.