CMP Filipino Garands: “Rough Shape” 


During the 2016 Small Arms Firing School at Camp Butner, a representative from CMP shared with the class that they had secured 86000 Garands from the Philippines, many in “rough shape” within the next year or so. He also went on to say they would run out of Garands in the next year or so likely before they had more.

Fast forward a year or so, CMP Garands are not “gone” but they have slowed to a trickle. Gone are the days of piles of Garands at the Eastern and Western games, as in the header.

Over the summer, things started to look grim for the Filipino Garands when, the Obama administration ordered the DoD to stop the transfer of these Garands.

Fast forward another 6 months, with the Obama admin gone, the path seems to be clear for CMP to receive these Garands. Currently they are still in the Philippines per CMP, who will cover shipping, Which means it could be some time until they are in the sales pipeline.

So what does this mean.

  1. Yes, if things go well it looks like there will be at least some new Garands coming to CMP. Don’t expect it to be 86000 Garands still packed in cosmo. There is a good chance most of them are in poor condition.
  2.  No there are still not going to be $220 Korean Garands. Yes they were banned via executive order by Obama and that could at least legally be reversed by the Trump Admin. Even if that were to happen they will not be less than $1000 and they will not be going to CMP.
  3. Even with no Garands that doesn’t mean doom for the CMP. CMP’s mission is not to sell Garands at a discounted price so everyone can have a subsidized Garand. Sales are a fundraiser which supports their mission of promoting marksmanship.




No, There Are Not Going To Be $220 Korean CMP Garands

A blog post making the rounds on social media right now suggests that there are 86,000 M1 Garand rifles soon to be imported from Korea.

I try not to take a negative tone here, but that blog post is wrong on several points. Please stop perpetuating rumors about the importation of Garands from Korea.

Here are some of the errors in that blog post, and reasons why this importation is unlikely:

1. CMP is not an importer. By law, the DOD would have to import them, and then transfer them to the CMP.

2. The CMP is not a government-run organization. This is a minor point, but seems to come up often when Korean Garands are discussed. CMP has a congressional charter. In simplified terms, the charter mandates that they run national matches and sell rifles for funding.

3. In 2013 President Obama signed an executive order to specifically ban the import of these rifles. Click here.for an informative post on that issue. That executive order caused 200 employees at Century Arms International to lose their jobs, and had the secondary chilling effect of discouraging new shooters from entering the shooting sports by artificially propping up the price of M1 rifles.

4. They were likely never going to be $220. The original rumor was they were contracted to CAI for about $500.

In short, at least until the next President takes office the Korea Garands will not be Imported to the US. Realistically speaking, those M1s will probably never return to U.S. soil.