World War Two Practical Match at LRGC

I went a little out of my comfort zone on this one. A friend of mine talked me in to signing up for a Garand “practical rifle” match at Langhorne Rod and Gun.

It was a sunny, unseasonably warm day in the forties, with a foot of snow still on the ground.

Several different courses of fire at different distances. All based on 8 round clips so lots of pinging.

16 rounds standing 16 round kneeling at 100 yards at steel from the top of their 100 yard berm.
16 rounds standing to kneeling at 50 yards at a reduced IDPA target
16 rounds prone at steel plates at 200 yards


I did terrible, but it wasn’t really about “winning” or at least that’s what I told myself.

A couple things I need to think about from what I learned at this match. I think my 6:00 hold held me back a bit, I should keep a dope for both 6:00 and center mass. I wasn’t prepared to use hasty sling and they have a “muzzle down” rule that threw me off a bit. I’m a little ashamed to admit, I have no idea how to rig up with the barrel down without dropping my rifle.

My excuses aside it was fun, well run match. It has gotten me thinking a bit about my shooting style a bit, and perhaps I should spend some time practicing transitioning and hasty sling.

In unrelated news a fella there had a Mini-G, and I want one!

A little video of me shooting.