National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

The wife and I took a long weekend trip to Savannah to try and run away from the fall. It’s a beautiful city. We took a side trip to the Mighty Eighth Museum. The museum starts with a movie they call “The Experance.” I generally skip the movie at the start of the museum but this one was different. First there is a mock briefing, then they take you into a really nifty movie with multiple screens, flashing lights and various special effects. Giving you an idea of what it was like on a mission in a B-17, well as best you can imagine from your comfy chair.

Out on the main floor they are working on restoring a B-17G the “City of Savannah.” Which is really what drew me to the museum.


One thing I found really touching was a Nazi flag captured when a POW camp was liberated. There were several messages written on it by the newly free POWs.





Pictures really don’t do it justice, if you are in the area it’s well worth a stop. Leave yourself at least a couple hours you could easily spend the good part of a day there. The little restaurant inside is also nice for lunch.