Reduced Target for 12 Feet

I recently picked up a MAR177 to practice with during the off-season. I wanted some targets to mimic the SR-1 target at 12 feet but I could not find a commercial target that would be the right size, so I made one.

The math isn’t as complicated as it seems. Take the distance you want and divide by the distance of the target you are reducing. In this case 12/300 (feet) which is .04 then multiply that by the size of the target you are trying to reduce.

The black of a SR-1 target is around 6.5 which reduces to about .25

The formula looks something like this.


X = the distance you are reducing the target for.

Y = the distance the target you are reducing is designed for.

Z = size of target you are reducing.

Here’s the  “Worksheet” I made with several 12 feet targets Download Here


CMP Camp Perry Marksmanship Center

After a long day of talking about HR software with a customer in Ohio I swung by CMP’s Marksmanship Center at Camp Perry. It’s open for public shooting Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 to 8:00 check CMP’s website for current hours.

A rifle, lane and 500 pellets was $12.00 it was lots of fun and a great way to unwind after work.

It’s set up so that it’s nice and easy to do. The marksmanship center is to the east of Petrarca Range. Turn right at the flagpole and left at the end of the road park below the water tower if you drive into the lake you went too far.


Walk in go to the desk in the middle of the room, you’ll sign an affidavit, and pick a rifle. I went with the “free” rifle but they have some nice MAR177 rifles you can use for a little extra (I have got to get one of those MAR177 uppers!)

Watch a quick video to remind you of the 5 rules.


Then it’s time to shoot!


You can raise or lower the target for off hand, sitting, or prone shooting.


They have a really slick electronic scoring system that scores each shot automatically. Think how much easier national matches would be if they had something like this at Viale, I better buy some more Garands to fund this!


There were several younger people their repeatedly cleaning their targets, as you can see I have some air gun work to do!

If you happen to be the area I would strongly recommend stopping in for some shooting.