July Service Rifle and Garand Matches

I had a long weekend of matches. Starting with High Power on Saturday with my AR. I’ve made some progress each match. In the second relay I shot a JCG match with my new Winchester, I amazed myself by breaking my personal best by 12 points with a 248-1/300. All of this dispite having some mechanical trouble.

During rapid prone my trigger was not reseting after cycling. A bit of Internet research suggested this was probably the clip ejection spring. This made sense as I was using a trigger assembly I had bought because it was “correct” and marked WRA and I had one clip fail to eject all the way during practice but wrote it off. I swapped the entire trigger group out with one that was known good. This solved the problem.

On Sunday, if 4 hours of shooting in 100 degree weather wasn’t enough, I brought the Winchester back out. The new trigger group resolved the problem, but it did cost me a few points as I needed to adjust windage and elevation a couple of clicks due to the different fit. I again beat my personal best with a 251-1/300! A very good weekend for shooting. Now just to press some new reloads for Perry and sneak out a couple afternoons for practice!