Zeroing the A2

I finally got around to zeroing my white oak A2. It has nifty mechanical zero front sight base adjustments.


There are three set screws one on either side of the FSB and one on the bottom. To adjust the windage, loosen the bottom screw just a bit, loosen the screw on the opposite side in which you want to move POI and tighten the screw on the other side. So if you want to move POI to the right loosen the screw on the left.

Elevation works the same as any other front sight post if you want POI to move up turn the front sight post clockwise, in the direction of the “up” arrow.


I’m very happy with the WOA it performed very nicely. I did remove the handgaurd weight as it seemed to open the groups up a bit. I may make some other changes to balance it better as its a little butt heavy.