Last High Power Match of 2014

It was a beautiful fall day for a match. Sunny, mid 60’s slight breeze and the peak of leaf color.

And by sunny, I mean really sunny. The Kimberton Glare is particularly bad in the fall.DCIM111GOPRO

Off hand started out poorly when I discovered during my sighters that I left my “Dry Fire Plug” plug in the BCG. Whoops. I successfully opened up my rifle, removing the BCG and the plug, and reassembled my rifle without breaking position. But it cost me some time and stressed me out a bit.

In the off season I need to practice my sitting position because I slid around more than I wanted to. But otherwise I am happy with my performance. It has been a good season. My scores have improved and I feel pretty good about my positions. In the off season I’ll keep dry firing and get some range time. Next season I’d like to focus more on service rifle matches and start shooting some proper “across the course matches”.