CMP Service Grade International Harvester Garand: Initial Review

The big white truck of happiness brought a surprise from CMP.


I ordered a “non-LMR” Service Grade IHC early in June. I was initially backordered but my order opened in the e-store late last week and a beautiful Tractor Gun showed up at my door.

I was expecting just a IHC receiver but I was pleasantly suprised.

The stats

– Postage stamp
– IHC proofed SA barrel
– IHC trigger assembly
– IHC op rod
– IHC hammer
– IHC bolt
– ME = 2.75 TE = 3
– made between 54-56

The stock is a late Springfield and, gas tube, screw, front sight, along with the rear sights are replacements.

The gas screw is marked BMB which is Italian which I think is interesting. The going theory on the CMP forums is many of these were Turkish returns. The CMP tag shows it was graded on 11.16.2012 which means it was one of the IHCs that CMP has been collecting for this sale not a more recent find to fill the backorders.

All in all I’m very pleased, CMP over delivers again! I will touch up the stock and peen the barrel but otherwise I think I’ll leave it be.

Some pictures.