22-250 M1 Garand

This neat Garand conversion was posted in a M1 Garand Facebook group I frequent.

It’s a 22-250 Garand. 22-250 is, in essence a 308 necked down for 223 projectiles. Other than the barrel,  the rest of the rifle is a standard Garand. The builder tells me the tricky part is getting the gas port the right size for it to cycle.

Below is a quick comparison of 30-06 vs 22-250 note that out to 500 yards 22-250 is a bit faster and flatter than 06. The builder plans to use it as a varmint gun. I’m sure it will do well at that job.

22-250 has the same rim/base size as 30-06/308  and is just a bit shorter than 308. This helps make this conversion practical, as the standard Garand bolt and reciver can still be used. So, keep in mind changing the bolt is going to be very difficult, if not impossible. if you are dreaming of a 300 blackout M1 Garand.