1907 Sling Keeper Placement

I’ve been struggling with my sling and cheek weld in the past few matches. So I did a little dry fire practice in the hotel (I’m sure my neighbors loved that).

I made my sling a little longer so that the upper frog is now in the “10” holes and switched my keepers back to a more traditional set up. One above and one below the upper frog. I had it set up with both keeps below the upper frog.

I feel pretty good about this set up. Now if I screwed up my point of impact… Well I’ll find out tomorrow but the poor cheek weld and sling slack are letting me develop bad habits that lead to inconsistent position and hurting my slow prone.

In case you are interested I use a Turner Saddlery 1907 national match sling. I highly recommend them. I even have one on my hunting rifle.