Crosman MAR177 AR-15 Upper Review

Several years ago Crosman introduced the MAR177 upper. It’s a match grade A4 style upper that fits on a standard AR-15 lower. The advantage, to me, is this upper fits on the same lower I use for High Power. So it has the same weight,  same Geissele national match trigger, and overall feel as the rifle I use for High Power.


As far as the upper itself, i’ts solid and easy to use. It comes with a ten round magazine (they call it a clip). I use a single feed tray as I intend to practice mostly on slow fire off-hand. It is not semi auto so there is an AR-15 style charging handle which is pulled between shots to reset the trigger and air system.


The MAR177 is a Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) so it has an on-board air tank that needs to be charged with either a pump, a scuba tank, or a special compressor. I picked up a Benjamin hand pump which resembles a bicycle pump. While cocking a Red Rider BB gun between each shot, filling the tank using this pump can be a bit of a work out. I figure that I can work on my upper body strength and my off hand at the same time.


I intend to use this to get some indoor trigger time over the winter break before the spring matches (tomorrow’s high is 12 degrees). Since a trip to the range tends to eat up the better part of the day, the MAR177 allows me to squeeze a few rounds in any time I can spare a few minutes. This should cut down on the excuses I make about my lack of practicing.

While I do not intend to take it to any air rifle matches, at least not just yet, I impressed with its performance during some quick range time this evening.20150212-191404-69244894.jpg


This wouldn’t be a fair review if I did not mention the out of the box issue I had with the MAR177. Upon delivery the upper would not hold a charge meaning there was a leak behind the gauge. However, I contacted Crosmen who responded within 30 minutes with a shipping label. They had it replaced and back to me working 100% in 8 days round trip. Which frankly is better than the service I have received from some well regarded firearms manufactures. Despite the out of the box issue I had, I would not hesitate to recommend this upper to anyone looking to get some more trigger time.