Quick Range Trip With The M1917

The wife and I took a quick trip to the range with the Model 1917 and her AR.

I’ve been having trouble with the reloads not easily ejecting from my 1917. My working theory is that the problem is in the trim length. I trimmed this batch down .005 to 2.480 which helped but it’s not quite ready for rapid prone. I’m going to take them down to 2.475 and see how that works. [update: trimming was not the issue see the next post here]

I took a few offhand shots to practice my stance. I kept them all in the 9-7 rings which was pretty good for me.

I would like to get a better skeletal stance particularly in regards to my support arm. I tried a more “hip forward” stance but my big fat love handles get in my way.

All and all a nice trip.