October 2015 Garand Match at KFGA

It has been far too long since I made it back to Kimberton, I missed the September match for the MD State Championship and missed High Power the day before due to some family obligations.

It felt good to be back on that short line on a beautiful fall day. 

I punched a pair of 95s in the prone stages. I didn’t smoke my sight so I caught some glare on my front sight post which I rectified before off hand.

At the western games I had really struggled with off-hand which held me back. I took my time establishing NPA and off-hand came a little easier this time. 

Off-hand wasn’t all fun and games. I left a whole 3 minutes on the clock which seemed odd to me. Well, I learned why During the brass and trash call! I left a round in the box…. Whoops.

I was still able to squeak past the bronze line. Perhaps in the future I’ll remember to shoot all 30 rounds.

The season is winding down with just a service rifle match at WBRP and a couple more garand matches before the shooting season is over and the handloading season begins!