First Matches of the 2014 season

It was a beautiful weekend to kick off the 2014 season. Low 60s, sunny and calm.


Saturday I took the A2 out for high power. I got a little sloppy in off hand but I was otherwise happy with my performance. I’ve been working on trigger control and breathing that seems to be helping especially in rapid.


Early Sunday morning I drove across the river to shoot in York Riflemen’s spring Garand match. I spent the first couple relays in the pits.


After the pit change I shot well in both prone stages. This was my first match with the John Weller sling I picked up at Camp Perry this year. I should have spent more time slinging up with it in my jacket before taking it out, as I had to “de sling” and adjust it a bit longer but since we had a block time (prep and shooting lumped together) I finished with plenty of time.

I made good use of both my timer and my score book in this match. It’s much easier to use a score book with pit service. Trying to find the holes through the scope for our walk and paste matches at KFGA can be frustrating.

Oh off hand, I really need to step up my focus on this stage. After shooting some of the best prone stages I’ve ever shot I the. Proceeded to blow it in off hand. My candid reaction to my off hand scores as recorded by my GoPro.