CMMG A4 22 Upper Range Report

A couple months back I picked up a CMMG A4 22 upper. I had backordered it and frankly I had not expected it to come so soon and I was thinking about canceling it and getting an air rifle upper instead. I’m glad I didn’t!


I hope to use it to get more practice for Highpower. I use the same lower as I do on my service rifle, so it has the same feel and Geissele trigger. Additionally, I use the same Turner 1907 sling, black dog magazines and topped off with a Rock River NM carry handle. While perhaps a little extravagant for a 22 upper but I wanted a good quality hooded sight that would feel the same as my White Oak A2.

It worked well, I ran out of daylight before I could get it in the black however I am happy with its performance. It fed and shot well, especially for 20+ year old 22 that’s been in the back of my gun safe as long as I can remember.